Intermittent endload cartoner

Viking Mašek´s intermittent motion cartoner features compact layout, simple change-over, various closure systems and a broad range of applications. Our customized product feeders ensure guaranteed performance for all applications.

VikingMasek endload cartoning solutions are carefully designed to match customer´s applications based on speed and size-range requirements. The CAM cartoner is a fully servo driven, highly flexible, economical and robust cartoner. The continuous or intermittent motion modes permit compact layouts, simple change-overs and broad range of applications. Featuring easy change-over, various closure systems and product feeders, our customised solutions insure guaranteed performance.

max. intermittent 60 cycles/min

Machine features


  • Hot melt, hot air systems or tuck closure
  • Easy format change-over
  • Inclined carton magazine
  • Controlled carton supply
  • Servo drives
  • Rugged stailess steel construction
  • Vacuum pump included
  • Jogging control
  • Safety guarding
  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley controls
  • IP54
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Ergonomic design


  • Various styles of closure systems
  • Fully motorised size change-over
  • Damaged carton rejection
  • Open flap rejection
  • Different frame sizes to accomodate large carton range
  • Remote control
  • Extended carton magazine
  • Special electrics and voltages
  • IP65 washdown construction
  • Various types of feeders

  • Air consumption: 60
  • Carton dimensions: 400 x 600 x 300
  • Max. speed: intermittent 60