Flexible and durable MS400

Exceptional modular packaging machine made for production of many types of bags until the width of 400mm

Thanks to modular design is MS400 able pack bags in almost each style which you can expect from VFFS. This including doy style in same quality like pre-made bags. 



max. 100 cycles/min
Bag size
max. 400×500 mm
min. 100×60 mm

Machine features


  • Robust stainless steel frame 
  • Control system Siemens or AB 
  • Enclosed, direct drive jaw actuation 
  • Minimal maintenance requirements 
  • Small machine footprint 
  • No-tool change over 
  • End-seal cooling air 
  • Manual or automatic film tracking 
  • Quick film splace table 
  • Product stagers 
  • Air deflactors 
  • Photo eye and encoders 
  • Runs most film structures 
  • Storage for 100 product recipes 

Flat bottom
Corner creased
Quad seal
True quad seal
Doy style
Double doy


  • Integration with variety of fillers, printers, x-ray machines, zipp applicators and checkweighers 
  • Gusseted bag unit 
  • Flat bottom bag unit 
  • Vacuum draw down belts 
  • Gas flush 
  • Static eleminator 
  • Tear notch 
  • infeed and outfeed conveyors 
  • Remote diagnostics 

  • Bag size max.: 400×500
  • Bag size min.: 100×60
  • Max. speed: 100